Dr Alex's AUX Medicine Clinic

Ground-breaking AUX Functional Medicine (AUX-FM)
& AUX Naturopathic Medicine (AUX-NM).

Specialist AUX Interventional & Developmental Psychology & Neuro-psychology.


Our website is currently being updated.
Thank you for your understanding.

Behind the scenes it's business as usual!

Email us right now... we're here to help.


We are not currently running any 1-2-1 AUX-FM or AUX-NM Clinic Appointments -
but have been working with patients online and via calls since 2001.

Ready to start your journey? You can book an initial phone call consultation to discuss your problems.
However we strongly suggest that instead you PLEASE READ HERE first.

We recommend that you get started by sending us a message here - and if Dr Alex approves you as a 'short case' patient, you can immediately 'Book your Space for Further Assessment via Email'.

This is similar to a regular consultation with an FM or NM Doctor,
just at another level, and preferentially via email initially.

For individuals with 'Long Cases' - seemingly intractable illness and extremely complex challenges - we regret that we can only accept you as a new patient onto a Full Programme.

Our Full Programmes are not only informed by Dr Alex's unparalleled training, experience and expertise - but also bring into action our globally-unique Intellectual Property based on 30+ years of ground-breaking R&D....
providing us with an unprecedented clinical capability for
'identifying highest-leverage targets, and developing individual solutions, from all available science'...

If we can accept you as a new patient, we can't wait to get started!





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