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AUXMedicine & Psychology approach your challenges in an entirely new way, using globally-unique Intellectual Property called XLII®, based on 30+ years of pioneering R&D.

We've developed a suite of ground-breaking progressions combining new diagnostic logic (working out the critical composition & configuration of targets) & interventional logic (how to go about targeting them), with unique 'deployment' parameters (what to use, how to use it) & clinical rationale (when & why), & a revolutionary new capability to use science, & any science, even if published only last week.

That may not hit you hard until you pause to realise that just in terms of the science we can use, that puts us 20-70 years ahead of the curve. An extraordinary wealth of research at our fingertips, and able to use it, because we have pioneered an exceptional system for using new science, or any science, clinically, right now.

Our advancements make it possible to identify 'targets' & design complexity-modelled 'individual solutions' de novo. A brand new solution envisaged & engineered precisely for you. Which of course means that if the solution to your challenges has thus far proven elusive, that is exactly what you need - extra medicine from the leading edge, now science, all science, precisely engineered to be specifically yours.

We can 'identify novel candidate biological or psychological targets' possibly relevant to your own challenges, on a case-by-case basis... creating a sort of 'hit-list' unique to you... test its salience for you, and from there compile the precise system & sequence most likely to create maximal impact for you depending on literally thousands of individual parameters.

It's not one thing. It's a STACK of innovations - with each layer of our work markedly unique, then layer upon layer of uniqueness combining in so many ways, plus using up-to-the-minute scientific & clinical biology / psychology at each level from many angles. It results in BOTH Precision Medicine & Personalisation in medicine, each at a level & of a type that is currently unmatched, & then together providing a paradigm not yet otherwise conceived.

What this means is that we tend to work with individuals with intransigent, complex, serious or life-threatening illness***. Many of our patients will have been round the houses, desperate to achieve their desired aims / frantic to stop the snowballing, including via Functional or Naturopathic Medicine. Our work subsumes what we value of FM & NM, but neither bears more than a passing resemblance to AUX Medicine, other than in being non-pharma - an analogy being the difference between 'painting by numbers', & the required combination of 'artistry, engineering, & radical invention' envisaged & called upon by Da Vinci in an inexhaustible quest for dramatically new outputs, yet both systems perhaps using paint.

We work beyond mainstream medicine, only ever in conjunction with your own doctors or psychiatrists, & as we don't cover mainstream medicine/psychiatry, we most certainly do not claim or seek to replace it. We look to find individual avenues not within the standard paradigm of medicine. Equally, we only seek to provide in-depth individual solutions true to our own paradigm, which capitalise on 'everything science' & what we have learnt, not relatively elementary or cursory options that you might want to try out / initially seek to source from elsewhere.


**Dr Alex Concorde BSc(Hons) MBBS(Lond) PhD MSc(FPsych) MBA CMgr FCMI


Medical Practitioner Of The Year 2022-2023 (holistic)

Strategic Innovator in Medicine & Psychology since 2001


Sole Medical Doctor honoured by H.M. The Late Queen Elizabeth II to attend a one-off event at Buckingham Palace for British Innovators in Science & Medicine


Medical Director, the Childhood Cancer Research Trust


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